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For over 30 years, The Lee County Shopper has been THE buying guide in Lee County and is true to its slogan, “It Saves. It Sells. It Works!”

The Lee County Shopper is the place to find local classifieds, as well as bringing buyersand sellers together. This powerful advertising shopper is published every Wednesday in three targeted zones. Reaching Cape Coral, Pine Island, North Ft. Myers, South and Central Ft. Myers, LehighAcres and the Beaches! Advertising in the Shopper is the most effective way to get your business name in front of consumers who are ready to buy! Local businesses offer special discounts and couponsthat can save YOU money.

Search our classified listings for anything from getting a new family pet, to new furniture, buying or selling a home, or a future rental property. The Lee County Shopper has it all.